Formula 1 Heineken Australian Grand Prix 2022 Harnesses New Zealand Blockchain CENNZnet For Innovative Fan Experiencecen

Thousands of fan accounts opened and token packs
purchased to unlock unique experiences and

CENNZnet, New
Zealand’s largest public blockchain and decentralised
applications platform, was employed by Power’d Digital to
deliver the Formula 1 Heineken Australian Grand Prix’s
2022 AusGP Access program.

This is the first time the
CENNZnet platform, specifically the NFT
runtime module
, has been applied in a live event
experience environment. Australian-based Power’d Digital,
a leader in sports tokens and collectibles, delivered a
blockchain-based fan portal that provided fans with
tradeable tokens and enabled a program of unique
experiences. As specialists in applying blockchain
technology to sports & entertainment, Power’d chose
the CENNZnet platform to enable a more customised fan

The AusGP Access programme was designed
with simplicity as a key principle. Fans purchased token
packs (5 tokens per pack) that functioned like a digital
lanyard to unlock unique benefits and experiences, such as
discounted merchandise, pre-sale access, pit lane walks,
photos with the trophy and more.

Thousands of token
packs were purchased with a significant number subsequently
gifted to friends and family, taking full advantage of the
utility provided by blockchain

Historically, certain on track experiences
have been the sole domain of corporate sponsors or partners,
or linked to the purchase of a particular tier of ticket.
The new AusGP Access program democratised access so that all
fans had a chance of participating in unique experiences.
Tokens also enabled fans to bid in an online auction for
Track Hot Laps, sitting shotgun in a lap around the Grand
Prix Circuit, in full GP mode, at speeds of up to

“The F1 Australian Grand Prix 2022
Access programme was first and foremost a fan-serving
initiative that has found a great use-case for CENNZnet’s
blockchain technology. Although this powerful technology sat
behind the fan tokens, from the fan perspective they simply
interacted, transacted, traded and purchased with an
easy-to-use website (or phone app). It was hard to tell
blockchain was involved at all! This represents a shift of
power to the fans, and hints at the future of fandom.”

Nicole Upchurch, CEO,

“We could not have invented
better partners in Arthur, the fan-first team at the
Australian Grand Prix Corporation, and CENNZnet. We eagerly
look forward to next year, and to amplifying fan engagement,
value and experience across live sport around the world.”
Scott Dinsdale, CEO, Power’d

“AusGP Access was a
first for Australian sport – utilising the power of the
blockchain to deliver innovative and exciting experiences
that lets fans get closer to the action and event than ever
before, unlocking a range of thrilling experiences like
early access to presales, exclusive viewing areas, exclusive
content, helicopter tours of the Albert Park Grand Prix
Circuit and even hot laps.”
Arthur Gillion,
General Manager of Marketing and Experience, Australian
Grand Prix Corporation.

Benefits of fan

Power to the fans: AusGP Access moved away
from linking experiences to ticket purchase, to a more
customised engagement with the fan. Fans could decide from
the list of experiences and rewards which were of more
appeal, leading to a choose-your-own adventure style of

Authenticity: the transfer of fan tokens
is immutably stored on the CENNZnet blockchain, so that all
parties can prove the token’s authenticity.

fan understanding: Through using the CENNZnet blockchain,
AusGP gained a more intimate understanding of who their fans
are. Through the gifting of tokens, for example, they could
see which fans were championing the sport, and the next
layer of fans (the recipient of the token via gifting),
which will help AusGP to broaden the pool of directly
engaged fans into the future.

Sustainability: The
AusGP Access program was a valuable contributor to the
Australian Grand Prix’s sustainability program, with a
donation towards carbon offset from each token pack

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