Pro-blockchain narratives hinder Bitcoin adoption: StackinSat founder

A narrative that advocated “blockchain is fantastic, Bitcoin is evil” resulted from a decade-plus evolution in which a small number of individuals of the cryptocurrency ecosystem chose to believe in side against Bitcoin (BTC) for self-justified personal motives, as reported by Cointelegraph.

This particular idea, in the opinion of Josselin Tonnellier, founder of the Bitcoin exchange StackinSat and coordinator of the Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022, is one of the key obstacles to more widespread BTC adoption in France.

The acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in France, the origins and purposes of the Surfin’ Bitcoin conference, and overcoming obstacles during the bear market were just a few of the major issues Tonnellier covered in an exclusive conversation with Cointelegraph reporter Joseph Hall.

The CEO clarified that the pro-blockchain narrative’s poor portrayal of Bitcoin is one of the most urgent issues with regard to Bitcoin adoption in France. He claimed, “for many years it’s been blockchain is great. Bitcoin is bad. So, we try to produce content with prominent Bitcoiners and people want us to be able to explain what Bitcoin really is.”

The CEO explained that the event’s purpose was to create a really relaxed environment where members of the ecosystem could congregate and form contacts with regard to the relationship between surfing and Bitcoin. “We wanted to have a place to gather people in very nice settings at the end of August so people can enjoy the beach, feel like we are on holidays talking about Bitcoin, and we want to be very chill and relaxed, so you don’t see many suits and a bow tie,” he added.

The organiser of the event also made a point to emphasise how few Web3.0 and nonfungible token (NFT) events had taken place in the nation compared to those for Bitcoin. He continued by saying that this inspired their team to organise the event.

(With insights from Cointelegraph)

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