Big Eyes Coin – Stealing hearts and saving the planet, the perfect cryptocurrency to earn you 100x more money

The crypto industry is changing the way people understand and engage with their finances. Many more people are turning to cryptocurrencies to figure out how they can improve their financial status.

Community meme tokens have attracted an exceptional number of members. Meme coins are tokens heavily affected by the community. Because they have no underlying economic or commercial use case, they are typically driven by social media and online emotion. This typically generates a lot of buzzes, but it also carries a bigger financial risk.

Some developing meme tokens want to increase usefulness to strengthen their competitive position and lower investment risks. Although many global enterprises are accepting popular meme coins as payment, there is still a significant absence of genuine economic advantages that these cryptocurrencies may provide.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a newbie, understands the importance of engaging and interacting with its community. The new initiative intends to surpass its primary competitors, including Dogecoin (DOGE), and become the most popular meme coin in the cryptocurrency world. As a  creative meme project, it emphasises the benefits of being a community-driven cryptocurrency. The meme currency understands the benefits of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and strives to decentralise the world’s wealth.

Excellent potential in Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a brand-new community-driven currency, intends to inject money into the decentralised financial ecosystem (DeFi). To win over the public, an anime-style cat with wide pupils acts as the symbol’s mascot. According to an Analytics Insight article, the developers of Big Eyes hope that employing a cute cat as their mascot will help them become a “billion-dollar corporation”. Because meme coins frequently depict dogs as the primary characters, this characteristic already gives a significant marketing benefit. Big Eyes Coin also intends to launch on the well-known decentralised network Uniswap, which will boost accessibility and allow the currency to reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to build a club for NFT holders dubbed the “Sushi Crew” based on the motif of cats, which are stereotyped for their love of eating fish. This club will provide a platform for inventors, producers, and entertainers to share their greatest work while also allowing users to distribute and acquire original material. BIG anticipates that 90% of their 200 000 000 000 tokens will be accessible at launch. Thus, if you’re searching for money that stands out from the crowd with its specific branding and a variety of distinctive characteristics, the big-eyed feline coin is one to keep an eye on since it has a lot of promise.

What do we know about the tokenomics of Big Eyes?

The official cryptocurrency of Big Eyes Coin is the BIG coin, with a total quantity of 200 000 000 000 tokens. Big Eyes distributed 90% of the tokens for purchase and holding on the first day of launch. Five percent has been used for marketing, which is intended to help it flourish as a worldwide recognised meme coin. The Big Eyes Coin team, armed with NFTs, is trying to provide people the opportunity to have materials and events that will convince them that blockchain is more than just a hype phase, supplying more by establishing a blockchain environment that induces hypergrowth on its own.

Half of the remaining 10% will be transferred to a charity wallet, from which Big Eyes will make regular donations to ocean sanctuaries, helping to reverse the effects of various disasters such as oil spills, plastic pollution, industrial fishing, and climate change, which has weakened the ocean’s health. Big Eyes Coin expects that this action will aid in the removal of carbon from the earth’s atmosphere, which will have a significant influence on climate change.

What are the details of the Big Eyes roadmap?

The Big Eyes Coin roadmap elegantly demonstrates several achievements that the platform has chosen to make along the way to increasing the wealth of its members and protecting the ocean. With the fulfilment of the tasks on the list after four charmingly themed phases, Big Eyes anticipates making some progress.

Three audits are required for Big Eyes’ token in Stage One “Crouch,” in addition to the formal live debut of various crucial components, including its pre-sale website, media stunt, pre-sale, PR apparatus, and social networks. Big Eyes isn’t very concerned about numbers as a measure of success, although it does aim to have at least 15 000 Telegram members.

Let’s go on to the second stage, or “Leap,” where Big Eyes Coin plans to deploy both its whole website and its token on the cryptocurrency trading platform Uniswap. Big Eyes hopes to make its first charity contribution and is proud to support the fantastic work done by ocean sanctuaries. These reserves offer marine life a haven and safeguard against the direct effects of human activity as well as natural and man-made disasters including climate change, mining, oil drilling, plastic pollution, and fishing.

The objective for Stage Two, which is still in progress, is to confirm all social media accounts, release NFT samples, create a retail location, and carry out Big Eyes’ influencer marketing and publicity stunt. Additionally, Big Eyes anticipates having 20 000 token owners.

With everything they’ve accomplished, one would expect Big Eyes Coin to calm down and take things easy, but if the name of their third stage is any indication, this beautiful kitty is charging ahead. The third stage is named “Run” and the aims for this phase include the official release of its NFT and its first-ever IRL NFT event. Big Eyes hopes to remain constant in its effort to preserve the fishes — if it eats a few along the way, no one will know — and wants to make its second charitable gift. Other objectives within this period include a larger media stunt to increase BIG’s fame, a significant influencer campaign, and 50 000 token holders and Telegram members.

The fourth and final step is nicknamed “Catwalk,” and the goal is for Big Eyes Coin to tie up any loose ends and manage the remainder gracefully. The majority of its efforts will be directed at the planning and execution of community events, to connect more chains, develop Big Eyes’ NFTs, and introduce more exchanges. The plan to contribute $1-million to charity is the most critical milestone at this stage.

Should you buy Big Eyes Coin?

Given that Big Eyes Coin is still in its early stages, many elements have yet to be thoroughly assessed. Potential consumers may be interested to hear that, according to their roadmap, getting audited is the first thing Big Eyes Coin intends to undertake during the first stage of their launch preparations.

And, in what can only be described as thoroughness, Big Eyes Coin aims to secure not one, but three audits for its token, demonstrating how much it cares about providing high-quality products and services to its adoring kitty cuddlers. Cryptocurrencies are not without their troubling characteristics, which is why users are recommended to conduct an extensive study before staking their holdings.

Big Eyes Coin, on the other hand, has expressed cordial intentions to be open, and the best can be anticipated from it.

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