MetaMask Announces Integration with PIX and Real for Cryptocurrency Trading

(Image: Consensys/Reproduction)

MetaMask, one of the virtual wallets of cryptocurrencies most used in the market, announced this Friday (9) that it has integrated the PIX system for purchasing cryptocurrencies with Real within the application itself.

The novelty is made possible by MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payments company that was integrated with MetaMask at the beginning of the year.

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“Instead of using an exchange, users can instantly buy cryptocurrencies directly on MetaMask to explore Web3,” reads the post on the official website of Consensys – the company behind MetaMask.

The service is also possible through the MetaMask extension for desktop browsers such as Google Chrome.

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“Calling all users of the Brazil! We are excited and excited to announce that you can now find Central Bank Pix with our feature.

See how to buy cryptocurrencies with Pix by MetaMask

In the publication of the Consensys website, the step by step is shown to the user:

The functionality appears via the “BUY” button within the virtual wallet application. The user has the option to select Brazil as the region and then the payment method by PIX is released.

Soon after, the user can choose the cryptocurrency he wants to acquire, and enter the amount he wants to buy in reais.

To complete the operation, it is necessary to choose “MoonPay” as the provider. The first time the user uses the service, he must register directly with MoonPay.

Among the cryptocurrencies available for purchase are ETH, BNB, MATIC as well as tokens from the Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain and Celo networks.

“Done, you bought cryptocurrencies directly on MetaMask and now you can easily explore Web3 anywhere. Try DeFi, exchange your crypto for tokens to participate in online communities (DAOs), and experience NFTs! Enjoy this new world that gives you full control of your data and assets.”

Check out the video on how to buy cryptocurrencies on MetaMask with Pix, made by the company behind the wallet:

Check out the Crypto Chat this week with Caio Barbosa, CEO of Lumx, responsible for the entry of the Reserve into the metaverse:

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