Illuvium’s Kieran Warwick on what is expected of the interoperable blockchain game

Kieran Warwick, co-founder, Illuvium, a blockchain role-playing game, has unveiled the gaming concept of the interoperable blockchain game (IBG), as reported by Cointelegraph.

According to Cointelegraph, during Token2049 in Singapore, Warwick stated that Illuvium currently has three games being developed which are expected to be underpinned by the same economy, governed by a single token (ILV), and connected by the blockchain, for it to be an interoperable experience. IBG, a term stated by Illuvium, is a set of blockchain-based games connected to each other, forming an environment of interconnected titles which share non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a common in-game currency, or both. 

On the basis of information by Cointelegraph, Warwick stated that Illuvium is expected to be a fun game for its players, rather than play-to-earn (P2E) and NFT aspects that some titles in the GameFi sector are expected to focus on. The first game will be a city builder, which is expected to be a combination of games such as Sim City and Clash of Clans, for players to build and mine resources to be utilised in the second game Overworld. Overworld will aim to focus on exploring and capturing creatures called Illuvials, which Warwick compares to Pokemon, and can be used for battle purposes in the third game, which will be similar to online battle arena titles such as Teamfight Tactics or DOTA.

“Imagine taking one of those assets and then going over to the racetrack and playing a Mario Kart Game, but you’re not buying a new Nintendo game, it’s just one asset that’s usable across an entire universe of games,” Warwick said.

Moreover, Cointelegraph noted that Illuvium is backed by Illuvium DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation. Warwick stated they originally were going to raise $350 million in funding during the bull market but the ongoing cryptocurrency winter has seen them range back to between $10 and $20 million.

(With insights from Cointelegraph)

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