This Chai Wala Accepts Payment in Cryptocurrency, Netizens Call It Just Bengaluru Things

Trending News: A chai wala from Bengaluru is garnering a lot of attention on social media after a picture of his tea stall went viral where he has written that he accepts cryptocurrencies as payment. The roadside tea shop owner, who calls himself a “frustrated dropout” has now become well-known in the IT capital.Also Read – Viral Video: Drunk Man Climbs The Stage During BJP Event in Bihar’s Bettiah | Watch

Akshay Saini, a Twitter user, recently posted a picture of him along with the caption, “Just Bangalore things. #crypto #NammaBengaluru.” The picture has gone viral with hundreds of likes and Twitter users have a lot of questions about the tea seller. Also Read – Viral Video: Navratri Celebrations Take Over Bengaluru Airport As Passengers Perform Garba | Watch

A user asked, “How does he accept crypto? Which all coins are accepted? How does he decide the exchange rate? I have so many questions.” Also Read – Viral Video: 4 Men Try To Kidnap Petrol Pump Owner in Varanasi, Caught On Camera. Watch

The New Indian Express reported that Shubham Saini is the tea vendor who is accepting cryptocurrency. He invested 30,000 when he first opened his tea shop in Bengaluru’s Marathahalli neighbourhood.

According to the story, he opened this tea shop after losing a significant sum of money trading cryptocurrencies in 2021 when the market crashed.

After comparing US dollars to Indian rupees for cryptocurrency payments, Saini has posted a sign where he updates the costs.

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