Beyond Bitcoin: The Most Exciting Opportunities in Tech Hardware

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Sara Silverstein: You started out as an investor in tech hardware before you actually started building tech hardware. So what do you think is the most exciting opportunity in the space? Who are you building this for 20 years from now or 10 years from now?

Wes Cummins: So Bitcoin is obviously, in my opinion, really exciting, right? Digital currencies, these networks that you can do, trustless, permissionless distributed networks that you can operate in, like the proof of work networks are really exciting. I think there’s a lot to do. Bitcoin, I think is here to stay for a long term. I think that’s been proven at this point. You can have a lot of volatility, extreme volatility, but there’s a lot to do in this area specifically. But I’m very excited about high performance compute in general. I think between machine learning and artificial intelligence and all of the things to come as computing power gets greater and greater and greater in the software that we layer on top of that. There’s a lot of exciting things to come. You know, think back from in 20 years, right? I think back where I was doing 20 years ago in the tech investing I was doing and and you know, what everyone was focused on and where we’ve come from there is pretty astounding. It feels like it’s accelerating to me. So, you know, I don’t know where this goes, but I think our infrastructure, the digital infrastructure we’re building is going to play a big part.

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