MENA Legal to explain blockchain, web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and the dynamics of metaverse at GITEX Global 2022 – News

Dr Alexander Brexendorff, co-founder of MENA Legal

Dr Alexander Brexendorff, co-founder of MENA Legal

Published: Thu 6 Oct 2022, 11:59 AM

Last updated: Thu 6 Oct 2022, 3:15 PM

MENA Legal, a renowned international boutique law firm with over two decades of legal experience in the Middle East, will be present at the Future Blockchain Summit, part of GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Global, from October 10-13.

MENA Legal as a pioneer within the fintech and blockchain business spheres has positioned itself to help regional and international fintech companies navigate the legal environment surrounding the complex fintech technologies including blockchain, web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and the emerging metaverse. Dr Alexander Brexendorff, co-founder of MENA Legal and Christian Nel, head of the Fintech/blockchain practice group at MENA Legal will be available at the event to discuss all business and legal aspects related to Blockchain technology.

Over the past few years, the UAE has been progressively developing an extensive legal framework surrounding all facets of blockchain technologies. This agenda to prioritise the adoption of the appropriate regulatory ecosystem has played a significant role in establishing the UAE as a global hub for all blockchain companies. Nonetheless, due to the complex nature of this technology, although there have been significant steps in the right direction, there are still multiple legal complexities that require the appropriate expertise to understand. MENA Legal has been in close contact with various UAE government bodies to develop the appropriate understandings and channels to assist our clients to solve any business or legal challenge they might face. Nel says: “The new era of the digital revolution is here, and no fintech company wants to be left behind but it is important to ensure companies find the right legal partner when it comes to crypto, metaverse, blockchain and NFTs.”

MENA Legal decided that the Future Blockchain Summit at GITEX would be an incredible opportunity to interact with some of the world’s greatest minds operating in the blockchain space. MENA Legal, being a pioneer in advising and supporting tech giants like SAP (System Analysis Program Development) in setting up their operations in the MENA region, is the go-to legal firm at GITEX 2022. MENA Legal has been working alongside many clients across the world, including a prospective Shariah-compliant NFT project, metaverse digital marketing, and so many more. This high level of engagement within the blockchain sphere has allowed them to be at the forefront of all business and legal services.

At the four-day Summit, blockchain legal experts from MENA Legal will be available to address any business and legal queries about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, NFTs and the metaverse and will guide on setting up and legally operating respective businesses in the UAE and abroad. In addition to regulatory, legal and tax aspects, MENA Legal can provide one-stop-shop consulting services for fintech and blockchain startups across various fields. Dr Brexendorff, an important figure in the Middle East legal and business landscape, is the owner and managing director of various legal, business and Fintech consulting companies in Europe and the Middle East. He is the founder and head of the board of the Swiss and the UAE-based international business and legal Swiss Association Brexendorff & Associates (B&A). He has over twenty years of international experience in business consulting, legal and Fintech services with a deep and comprehensive legal and practical knowledge of Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

GITEX is a phenomenal opportunity for all business owners to engage with MENA Legal and find the solution to all their business challenges. MENA Legal, the pioneer legal firm in Dubai to offer legal consultation on all topics blockchain, is scheduling a 30 minutes consultation block during the four-day submission. Reach out via or call on +971 (0) 4 450 83 82 to reserve a time to meet the MENA Legal experts directly.

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