How to buy the Bitcoin killer, and the must-have crypto – Big Eyes, over the Chainlink token

Big Eyes (BIG) is a community for building decentralized projects. Thus, merging with Ethereum makes so much sense. Crypto experts would be glad to hear they would contribute fewer carbon footprints while utilising Big Eyes to develop their decentralised projects.

Aside from reducing carbon footprints, the Big Eyes space is an active contributor to the betterment of the natural habitat through its charity works. Thus, Big Eyes is seen by many as a unique token looking to change the outlook of the meme coin community.

Speaking about meme coins, Big Eyes, in recent times, have had run-ins with the Tamadoge community. There have been many exchanges of funny memes between these two, leading many to believe that this might be the most epic Crypto-Twitter war ever.

We would save you a field trip and bring the news from the war fronts to you in this article. We shall also try to establish the apparent differences between Big Eyes, Bitcoin, and Chainlink tokens and how the Big Eyes project is bound to supersede the latter two.

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Big Eyes VS Tamadoge – The Most Epic Twitter War Ever

You can not be a fan of Big Eyes without partaking in the war between these communities. On August 25, it all began. Jokingly, the Big Eyes admin posted that it was cats vs doges in the crypto market.
In turn, the Tamadoge admin lost his fabulous and decided to poke Big Eyes back by posting that you should be a Tamadoge in the world of cats.

There were several exchanges of meme pictures featuring funny quotes and representations. Still, it nearly turned sour when the Head of Growth at Tamadoge accused Big Eyes of being a mirror of the Tamadoge project. He also claimed to have been strangling the Big Eyes cat, all to which the Big Eyes admin had perfect responses.
The Admin reiterated that the Big Eyes project is unique and original unrelated to Tamadoge’s project. Also, the admin pointed out to Carl Dawkins that animal cruelty is no joke.

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Big Eyes VS Chainlink and Bitcoin

Chainlink is a network that relies on access to actual data and off-chain computations. According to Coingecko, the Chainlink network is usable by intelligent contract applications. Also, Chainlink helps data providers sell their APIs to smart contract apps for monetisation schemes.
The Chainlink ecosystem intends to guarantee decentralised participation by node operators and other individuals who intend to contribute to the Chainlink network. Its community comprises data providers, researchers, node operators, etc.
The crypto community dubs Satoshi Nakamoto the Bitcoin innovator. CoinMarketCap describes Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer online currency that bridges the gap between individuals and financial institutions. All transactions occur independently of any intermediary participant.
Bitcoin has the largest global community where individuals can create, invest, trade, and utilise Bitcoin and other coins for everyday purposes. The emergence of Bitcoin reached out to many brilliant minds, thus inspiring the creation of several competent crypto projects that may be competitors.
Big Eyes is a project looking to boom past the achieved horizons of Chainlink. Likewise, the Big Eyes project aspires to be a dutiful competitor to Bitcoin and potentially become a Bitcoin killer.

Big Eyes Coin Raises Over $5 Million and is Giving Away a Big Chunk
After raising over a million in its first week of the token presale, Big Eyes sales now total worth over $5 million. Big Eyes has arranged a giveaway worth $250,000 of Big Eyes Coins for active members of the Big Eyes network.

Check out the info on this giveaway at:

The Big Eyes community contributed a thousand dollars to supporting Luna Children. In addition, 5% of Big Eyes tokens will go into charity work to save the world’s oceans.


Waste no time and jump on the Big Eyes bandwagon. It is now or never.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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