CryptoWatch: Google is Accelerating with Cryptocurrency, HYVE to Allow Freelancers Earn Coins

CryptoWatch delivers the top cryptocurrency news from last week, and it gathered massive developments for the crypto and blockchain world with many initiatives from companies. Google and Coinbase’s deal is underway for the public, alongside an ex-Googler who is funding a new startup on the Web3. 

Additionally, HYVE is offering perks for freelancers to earn cryptocurrency with their work via their platform.

Seoul Prosecutor Is Freezing Millions in Crypto Assets Linked to Terra's Do Kwon

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An illustration picture taken in London on May 8, 2022, shows a gold plated souvenir cryptocurrency Tether (USDT) coin arranged beside a screen displaying US dollar notes. – Tether (USDT) is an Ethereum token known as a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of the US dollar, and is currently the largest stablecoin with a market value of USD 83 billion dollars.

Google-Coinbase Deal for Crypto Payments on Cloud

Coinbase and Google announced their partnership to allow cryptocurrency payments for the internet company’s cloud platform, opening up a new way to settle payments and accelerate the platform to Web3. The company said that it has been working with Google Cloud for months to make this possible, marking a new milestone for both companies. 

Google’s Cloud also released information about this deal, and it aims to be the cloud provider for Coinbase’s transactions and needs moving forward.

The payment with crypto via Coinbase and Google’s partnership will start by 2023, allowing users to expand more on the Web3 and cloud platforms for their needs. 

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Ex-Google VP Backs Web3 ‘Nxyz’ Platform

Sridhar Ramaswamy, a known former Google VP, is backing a new startup called “Nxyz,” as he managed to raise a massive $40 million for the company. Nxyz is delivering a new experience with its Web3 platform, with Ramaswamy leading the company to new heights, along with the third generation of the Worldwide Web platform. 

Most Web3 platforms focus on delivering a new experience for all that centers on cryptocurrency and tokens, something which Nxyz is a part of for its future operations. 

Nxyz aims to deliver a service that will deliver information on tokens, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other items in real-time, allowing developers and users to data they need. 

HYVE: Crypto for Freelancers

HYVE is offering a new experience for freelancers to earn money, and it is through cryptocurrency and the many coins present in the world. The wave of hiring freeze and layoffs contributed to the many unemployed people now, and some are resorting to freelance jobs to make ends meet or grow their careers in the meantime. 

Here, HYVE delivers more earnings for freelancers without the need to commit to a certain service or experience, allowing the public to gain funds through cryptocurrency. Freelancers may do as they please with the crypto which they earn from their tasks or jobs, may it be for their consumption or investments via HYVE’s offers. 

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