Avalanche, The Sandbox, and Big Eyes Coin — Trending Cryptocurrencies for Crypto Enthusiasts in 2022

Cryptocurrencies are a means of investment as well as a means of exchanging goods and services. People recognized Bitcoin’s promise in its technology as a blockchain pioneer, which led to an increase in its value over time.

The robust technology is the reason why these two cryptocurrencies have both been successful. Focus on cryptocurrencies with solid tech using the same strategy if you want to thrive. The chances of success are improved with greater technology.

Avalanche (AVAX) – The Fast Crypto

The upcoming launch of ETH 2.0 has diminished the significance of the “Ethereum killer” storyline, yet Avalanche (AVAX) is still one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2022. Loads of projects started moving to the Avalanche during the dApp explosion in 2021, stressing the need for a quick, effective, and affordable network for applications to be developed on. When scaled, the technology promises a staggering throughput of 6,500 transactions per second while maintaining decentralization. Avalanche might be the greatest cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022 given the industry’s continued demand for an Ethereum substitute.

The Sandbox (SAND) – The Ultimate Gaming Platform

The Sandbox (SAND) is a piece of Ethereum-based software that manages a decentralized virtual game environment. The Sandbox is a game at its core where users purchase digital plots of land (referred to as LAND) and build experiences on top of them to share with other users. The Sandbox (SAND) is an example of a blockchain-based Metaverse similar to Decentraland in this regard. The Sandbox includes two additional native tokens that regulate operations in its Metaverse. The SAND tokens are used to facilitate numerous transactions that are part of its gameplay, including acquiring LAND, interacting with user-generated content, and staking it to participate in the administration of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

What is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

big eye presale

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-themed meme coin that will function on the Ethereum blockchain. It seeks to go beyond the meme token arena and embrace NFTs while supporting ocean preservation to safeguard the earth’s environment. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will profit from the merger in a number of ways, including being able to use a PoS consensus mechanism since it will be powered by the Ethereum network (ETH). It promises to be a meme token with a twist thanks to the community-driven DeFi ecosystem. NFTs will have a significant impact on Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) journey because they will raise money and awareness by using their well-groomed cats. In addition to being works of art, these NFTs will also provide entry to Big Eyes Coin (BIG) events!

The whitepaper states that 10% of NFTs sold on Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will be taxed, with 5% going to token holders, 4% going to the seller, and 1% going to charity. With BIG, the Big Eyes Coin utility token, users will conduct transactions throughout the network. 200 billion BIG tokens will be available in total, and unlike its NFTs, it won’t be taxed. This is due to the fact that the majority of the tokens will be accessible at program launch. The presale will receive 70% of BIG. Anyone who is interested can sign up by clicking the links below.

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