Algorand CTO responds to criticisms of centralisation nature of blockchain

Cryptoslate informed that Algorand Foundation CTO John Woods has addressed Justin Bons of Cyber Capital’s argument that Algorand is “centralised and permissioned.” However, Woods maintained that the chain is still decentralised or permissionless despite accepting some “critical perspectives.”

On October 21, Bons praised Algorand for its “cutting edge” technology on Twitter, but countered by saying that “permitted gatekeepers can restrict any TX on a whim.” Algorand is a centralised blockchain that is governed by the Algorand Foundation, according to the 25-tweet thread, Cryptoslate noted.

“Even though consensus is run through “participation nodes,” which are permissionless The “relay nodes” are hand-picked by the foundation, making them permission!”

Additionally, Bons responded to assertions that Algorand had resolved the blockchain trilemma. The trilemma is a problem when a blockchain’s structure prevents it from having sufficient levels of security, decentralisation, and scalability. Algorand’s solution to the trilemma may be “good enough,” but it has “some serious drawbacks,” according to his claim.

As he noted that elements like “ALGOs on-chain governance… is fantastic,” Bons’ comments are mostly founded on a respect of the Algoran blockchain. The exchange between Bons and Woods in the thread also demonstrated how occasionally there may be sincere discussion and advancement on Crypto Twitter.

(With insights from Cryptoslate)

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