Hivelance presents unmatched Cryptocurrency exchange script with robust trading modules

have you ever think about starting the cryptocurrency exchange with superficial features and specifications? Then you should heard of the cryptocurrency exchange script. Here, Hivelance proudly presents unmatched Cryptocurrency exchange script with robust trading modules

A bespoke cryptocurrency exchange script can be made by infusing all the technical prerequisites and features of a trading platform. It serves as the foundation for building an efficient exchange platform. In order to construct cryptocurrency exchanges, Hivelance offers unmatched crypto exchange script solutions, appropriate development, and post-launch assistance.

Our exchange script makes sure that the software contains all of the necessary “order” trading functions. We offer the full package for the best crypto exchange script, from end-to-end customization to bug-free support. Since we were among the first to implement blockchain technology, we have a wealth of information and experience that will help us design the ideal cryptocurrency exchange script for you.

Top Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script:

Atomic Swaps

Using sophisticated Escrow techniques, users can exchange money among themselves. A smart contract can do the task without the aid of a reliable third party.

Content management system:

Through our offered CMS, anyone can manage the website pages. To manage the site, no technological expertise is required.

You may also choose the HTML version.

Liquidity management:

Integrate liquidity providers to fill your order book immediately after integration. Every Buy-Sell order in the exchange receives liquidity management through the integrated “Exchange Remarketer.”

Mobile Apps:

You also get an elegant, sleek and powerful Mobile app. Your users can Buy-Sell-Trade crypto on the Go effortlessly with this sleek and secure mobile app.

Admin Panel:

You can manage every aspect of your cryptocurrency exchange using a secure and sophisticated admin panel. Manage 100+ Currencies, International Payment Gateways, Users Management, Admin Earnings, Exchange Directions, Manage News, Email Templates, Site Settings, Reports, and Informative Dashboard.

P2P Exchange option:

This amazing script offers P2P exchange in addition to the standard Exchange functionality.


Hot & Cold Wallet:

Integrated into this robust Cryptocurrency Exchange script is a Hot Wallet. It is simple to add the coins to a cold wallet.

Order Book:

An advanced order book module that enables users to quickly and simply track and view all open orders, history, transactions, etc.

Buy – Sell:

This fascinating crypto exchange script provides your users with a simple and secure way to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Automatic Approval (BTC/ETH), API-Based Current Rate Display, E-Mail On, Buy/Sell Status Updates, Searchable Buy/Sell Records, and Creating Own Pair For Every Coin.

Languages and region:

The website can instantly set up to many languages depending on where you are. Set the most widely spoken language in the exchange if you are operating an exchange in Africa.

Wallet accounts:

User wallet accounts are the most crucial aspect of admin. such as a separate wallet, Balance Display, Detail Report, Transaction History, and Search Transaction.

The script we offer also has a number of embedded specs. We assist you in making any changes that are necessary to suit your preferences.

Why Hivelance’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

  • Quick installation process with detailed documentation guide.
  • Get a strong, active order book to maximize the liquidity.
  • To get a successful exchange off the ground, you need a dependable “cryptocurrency exchange script.”

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