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The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing year by year. Advertising agencies understand that potentially attractive clients can be found in the crypto segment, and they are starting to develop this direction. In this article, we will tell you how you can promote in a crypto niche, and what restrictions advertising platforms have.

Cryptocurrency activity is associated with many risks: high volatility in the price of coins, hacker attacks, fraud, and often a lack of legal protection.

However, despite this, many believe that the future belongs to cryptocurrency. And to bring these times closer, it is necessary to increase the penetration of cryptocurrency into everyday life: talk about this payment method and earnings and promote crypto projects.

Cryptocurrency can be promoted in several ways: through ad networks, through influencers, and communities. However, advertising crypto projects has restrictions that depend on the country and placement platform.

Crypto and Bitcoin ads are not allowed in all countries. So, the promotion of cryptocurrency was banned by China, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and some other countries.

In countries where cryptocurrency advertising is allowed, there may still be restrictions on promoting some crypto-related products and services. It all depends on the laws of each state. For example, the advertising of crypto exchanges is prohibited in some countries, while it is allowed in Canada and Luxembourg.

In cryptocurrency advertising, it is also impossible to promise income payments on digital financial assets and predict the growth of their rate.

Promotion through advertising networks

In most countries, cryptocurrency advertising is available on almost all the usual channels: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and others.

In advertising sources, some crypto-related products and services can be promoted freely, others are prohibited, and some projects need to be granted a license to operate. It can be obtained from the state department, which regulates the country’s financial industry.

Different platforms request a different number of documents that allow you to run advertising campaigns. All channels have special forms where you can upload documents yourself, sometimes, you need to communicate with sales managers. After the license is granted, the advertising campaign is moderated in the same way as other campaigns.

Due to this limitation, launches are quite long: you need not only to create an account and launch advertising but also to communicate with support and ask customers to provide a license.

Promotion through communities

The four pillars of the crypto community are Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. On these platforms, you can promote your project or coin, build a community of like-minded people and manage the course of your cryptocurrency.

When a lot of people gather in the community, this is a sign to investors that money can be invested in a project or a coin. However, this is not always the case. Some communities are scam projects. Fraudsters create the illusion of activity through fake people who are in the community for bonuses. Having received money from the investor, the scammers disappear.

You can also advance in communities through integrations when you agree to advertise your project by barter or for money.

Advertising with bloggers

An effective way to promote cryptocurrency is promotion through bloggers. The audience trusts familiar people more than contextual or targeted advertising. It is important that the blogger is from crypto topics: this is how his recommendations will be heeded. Influencers usually tell what applications and services they use and create demand for them.

In addition to geo restrictions and the requirements of advertising platforms, cryptocurrency promotion has other features:

  • Difficult to understand product. Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT are specific tools that require additional knowledge from the audience.
  • Complex copywriting. The crypto community understands its topic and immediately sees if the copywriter does not know how to write about crypto. His texts will be less credible.
  • Expensive auction due to high competition in the niche.
  • Creative restrictions. In advertising, you can not write about earnings guarantees and the security of operations with cryptocurrency.
  • Difficult preparation for the launch and a long process of approval of advertising.
  • Low level of trust. The audience fears scam projects that will close in a couple of months.

Cryptocurrency is with us for a long time. This area is already rapidly developing, and the information and marketing support of the crypt will only bring closer the times when it will be possible to pay for bread in the supermarket with bitcoin.

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