Google Cloud anounce collaboration with Solana on blockchain Solana Validator

Multinational tech company Google has announced that Google Cloud will collaborate with blockchain platform Solana and incorporate Solana into its diverse range of products and services.

With its latest move, Google Cloud has itself become a Solana Validator making the platform more accessible to users and customers of blockchain technology.

Cloud computing platform working under Google, announced the futuristic and innovative collaboration through Twitter on 5th November 2022. A few minutes before the big announcement, Google Cloud had said that it will collaborate with Solana to “bring Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana chain” by 2023.

Nalin Mittal, Google Web3 Product manager told tech news agencies that Google Cloud wants to enable users to run a Solana Node in a cost-effective manner with just one click. It will also reduce the time needed to run a Solana Node.

Nalin Mittal also said that Google is updating its BigQuery data warehouse with the content of Solana data. This will make it easier for the Solana developer ecosystem to access its historical data.

Following the collaboration announcement by Google Cloud, the value of Solana’s native Token, SOL surged by nearly 15 percent. An SOL is currently valued at 40 dollars. Though Solana had its all-time high price of $260 the last November, it had continuous plummets resulting from the frequent consensus failures on nodes.

Various blockchain analysts and big data experts are of the opinion that the collaboration between Solana and Google Cloud will be a big push for blockchain technology development as more and more users will get easy access to a futuristic tech platform.



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