Telegram gets blockchain-powered collectible usernames, voice-to-text for video messages and topics in groups

Telegram on Monday launched several new features which will enhance its users’ chat experience. These new features include Topics in Groups, Collectible Usernames, Voice-to-Text for Video Messages, New Emoji Packs, Resizing text in Android, Redesigned Night Mode for iOS and minor design improvements.

The users can get this new update by updating their Telegram app. This update is available for both iOS and Android users. 

Here are the features and how they will work:

Topics in groups feature: This feature will support huge communities of over 200 members who will be able to enable topics and create separate spaces for any subject. 

Collectible Usernames: Using this feature, users will be able to assign multiple collectable usernames for each of their accounts and public chats. This will help users to find each other easily.

Apart from this, the ownership of collectible usernames is secured by TON, a fast and scalable blockchain network. This can be bought and sold through a new platform. 

Voice-to text for video messages: With this feature, users will be able to convert video messages into text. Previously, premium users could convert voice messages to text.

The company has also introduced 12 new emojis for premium users which can be used by users for messaging. 

Lastly, the company has come up with dark themes for iOS users, making colours more balanced with better blurring effects as and when the user will scroll through the chat. 

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