Bitcoin Mining May Help in Mitigating Climate Change

Daniel Batten joins hosts C.J. Wilson and Josh Olszewicz in one of the editions of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” to explore bitcoin mining utilizing organic materials. Batten is a methane researcher who outlines the advantages of bioavailable energy. “If you remove your energy source from the pipeline, such as natural gas, which would normally remain underground, it releases carbon into the atmosphere. This is the sort of bitcoin mining we want to engage in, as it will add to carbon emissions, however, there is another way.

Batten then discusses another type of methane that does not originate from the earth and is freely released into the atmosphere. This arises from farms and other places where organic waste decomposes anaerobically, or without oxygen. Global warming is the result of several emissions, each of which has its own global warming potential. Comparing methane to carbon dioxide, we find that methane is much more warming and breaks down into CO2 more quickly.

Bitcoin Mining May Help in Mitigating Climate Change

The United Nations Environment Programme has claimed that methane is the most effective tool for mitigating climate change over the next 25 years. This is due to the fact that it rises exponentially and is 84 times more warming than carbon dioxide. Bitcoin mining can be used as a method to use environmental methane as a fuel, to remove it from the environment.”

Wilson, Olszewicz, and Batten examine the environmental benefits of using these emissions and proposed methods for doing so. They conclude the episode by stating that this is not an issue with a single solution and that multiple preventative actions would be required to combat climate change. Batten asserts, “There is sufficient landfill gas in the globe to power the Bitcoin network several times over.” Bitcoin does not generate enough energy to fix this issue by itself.”

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