BDM Blockchain Vehicle Tracking  Technology Roadmap and Mobile App

BDM Blockchain Roadmap

To launch New Technology for registering, tracing, and validating history for Vehicle, Real Estate, Art & Collectables

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 / — BLOCKCHAIN DATA MANAGEMENT CORPORATION (BDM) is designed as an innovative Blockchain interactive platform initially focusing on the automotive industry but, can be infinitely scaled to include Boats, Airplanes Yachts, Diamonds and precious Gems Real Estate and even Art and collectables. BDM technology will offer the ability to interface with private sellers, galleries, Airplane, Yacht and Automobile brokers, Diamond wholesalers, and much more, anytime, anywhere, by Computer or Mobile device to verify the authenticity of any Vehicle, Airplane, Yacht, Real Estate, Gem, Art & Collectable. Lardi Kaoveche the developer behind the technology says “the time has come to utilize the infallibility and history tracking of the blockchain to streamline a process that is at once simple yet vastly complicated and data heavy”
The automotive and digital sectors will benefit from innovative solutions provided by the BDM ecosystem. This service will transform how buyers and sellers, acquire, sell, and shop for vehicles. Owners and Sellers of vehicles will be able to interact with their vehicle’s history report through the BDM site. Lenders and borrowers will have the advantage and exposure to an unadulterated, verified vehicle history. By providing the framework for good, complete communication between the consumer and the dealer, BDM will transform the online automobile market
One of the most lucrative and important businesses in the world is the automotive sector. Not only does it have an impact on auto sales, but it also has an impact on many other sectors of the economy, including those related to technology, fossil fuels, natural resources, financial institutions, labor markets (mechanics and engineers), R&D, marketing, and local economies.
BDM believes there is a need to fix the problems that the online automobile business is experiencing. A few of these include:
 Underpriced trades
 Difficult buying processes
 Exorbitant interest rates
 Overpaying for automobiles
 Imprecise vehicle history reporting

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