Paris 6 now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method

Foxbit Pay belongs to the Foxbit brokerage, which has been operating in Brazil since 2014 (Image: Pexels/Karolina Grabowska)

Foxbit Pay, solution for companies that want to receive payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and in others cryptocurrenciesannounces partnership with Paris 6, a bistro that was born in 2006 in the city of São Paulo. Foxbit Pay belongs to the broker foxbitwhich operates in Brazil since 2014.

At Foxbit Pay, every process is done through a payment link containing a QR Code of the portfolio to be deposited.

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The Foxbit Pay solution is responsible for presenting the calculated amount to be charged in Bitcoin at the time of payment and, when the payment is made, the company receives the amount in its Foxbit account. For now, only the Paris 6 Classique and Paris 6 Vaudeville restaurants, the two main houses of the brand and which are commanded by Isaac Azar, will accept payment in cryptocurrencies🇧🇷

Isaac Azar, founder of the Paris 6 brand, comments: “Launching payment in Bitcoin today is yet another avant-garde signature of Paris 6. In my homes, I don’t look at competition from other restaurants, my gaze is internal, in search of innovations. and unique experiences for our customers.”

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Paris 6 is a network that serves more than 100,000 customers per month and that now offers another payment option, in addition to the traditional ones, to its customers through Foxbit Pay, which was born with the aim of reducing bureaucracy in the economy by allowing companies receive their payments in cryptocurrencies.

Rodrigo Ikegaya, Product Director at Foxbit, says: “We are very happy to have one of the biggest restaurants in the country as a partner, this shows that cryptocurrencies are being accepted and recognized in places that were previously unimaginable. In addition to being a new payment option”.

Waiting list not only at Paris 6

Currently, Foxbit Pay has an extensive waiting list of customers to implement this system in their companies. And every payment is made through the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s second layer, allowing payments, in addition to being made instantly, to have less costs and fees.

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