NFTs, theses and cryptocurrencies for 2023; analysts and personalities make their wishes to “Crypto Noel”

Between Bored Apes, CloneX and “flipperings” the results were quite interesting. Check out the Christmas list of experts in the crypto market (Image: generated by DALL-E/Reproduction)

Christmas is coming, and with it a long list of wishes and gifts that will be asked of the good old man. With investors from cryptoactive and cryptocurrencies it couldn’t be otherwise. O Crypto Times“in partnership with Crypto Noel”, heard several personalities and analysts of this market and put together the “Christmas list” so that they can be attended to in 2023🇧🇷

Since the list is large, not all elves in the world could attend to those who are having losses in this market. The editorial tried to focus on three requests: One NFTone cryptocurrency and a thesis coming true for 2023🇧🇷

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Between Bored Apes, CloneX and “flipperings” the results were quite interesting. Check out the Christmas list of specialists from crypto market🇧🇷

Dear Satoshi Nakamoto, I was a good hodler this year

Thiago Morelli, founder of EnablersDAO, says he wants a Bored Ape but for a specific reason: “to liquidate and buy BTC”. THE cryptocurrency chosen by him is also the Bitcoin🇧🇷

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“It’s the only one that represents the hope of a freer society and less hostage to the centralizing entities that represent the ‘establishment’”, he says.

His requested thesis is to transform the State into a DAO and tokenize assets and people, “so that the individual has real and direct power in a democracy, he is the de facto owner of his assets”.

“That way we can invest in people, and companies, that we see potential in a decentralized way, as they become “pools” or even tokens”, he explains.

Rony Szuster, research analyst at Mercado Bitcoin, asked “Crypto Noel” for a Bored Ape from the Yuga Labs collection. “The hottest collection and I really like the way Yuga Labs plays the product,” he says.

The analyst still gives the good old man a second option and says he would accept a CloneX: “It is a collection that I like a lot, and I believe it will grow a lot in the coming years”, he says.

THE cryptocurrency requested was the Ether (ETH) since, according to him, it is the one that most excites him about updates in the coming year. “Mainly the Shanghai Fork and the Cancun Fork which is what can implement the issue of scalability”, he says.

For him, scalability has been a sensitive point in the network for years, and due to the news, 2023 will be an excellent year for the blockchain🇧🇷

The thesis that Szuster included in the list is also related to the Network. The analyst calls for 2023 to be the year of “flippering”, which is the moment idealized by many investors when Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in market value.

The thesis requested by Vinicius Bazan, chief analyst of cryptoactive from Empiricus, could be a drag for Szuster. Bazan would choose the “so dreamed” thesis of Bitcoin to $100,000. 🇧🇷[A tese sendo cumprida] everything else is solved, I can even buy the NFT of Trump”, he jokes.

Caio Barbosa, CEO of Lumx Studios, asks the “cryptovelhinho” for an NFT from Azuki’s collection because he believes that the project is very advanced. “I am passionate about the art of the guys. I really like anime so art has always caught my attention. Apart from the quality of their deliveries, ”he says.

Barbosa explains that the team released an NFC chip and its contract standards greatly raise the standard of the NFT collection product.

“Cryptocurrency would be Ether, I’m a big fan of Ethereum. From my point of view, they will be one of the main responsible for the ‘metadoption’ [adoção do metaverso]🇧🇷 Polygon would actually be the main responsible, due to the scalability and cost factor”, he comments.

The CEO’s thesis is institutional identification through NFTs. In his words, “NFTs as a new way of doing HR”. The idea is to delimit experiences and distribute rewards to employees based on their “identification badges” and even use them to distribute goals.

“For example, a Reservation, obviously their audience is a bit ‘would limer’”, he adds. It is worth noting that Lumx Studios was the startup responsible for the entry of the Reserva brand into the NFT market.

HO HO HOOLD! In this Crypto Natal I want for 2023

Luiz Octávio Gonçalves Neto, Founder and CEO of Dux, asks “Crypto Noel” for a “cryptopunk”, a “beeple” or an “autoglyph”. Among the cryptocurrencies that I would ask to have in 2023would be bitcoin, ether, polygon or chainlink.

“My thesis dream is that we apply blockchain as an infrastructure to generate improvement in scale of services and products for the market. Instead of beating around the bush in the complex nonsense of a degenerate”, he sticks.

The team behind the crypto content educational platform “Crypto357” – Bruno Cohem, Veridiana Moreira and Tuanny Blumer – explains to Crypto Noel that this Christmas it wants more than value, it wants fundamentals.

O NFT chosen by the team is Brazilian and belongs to the EVE team, the largest women’s DAO in Latin America.

“When I choose a NFT It’s not thinking about Hype or appreciation, but understanding that the real purpose of an NFT is community management and project execution, that is, what is its usefulness”.

With regards to cryptoactivethe 357 team chooses Ether, and again explains the fundamentals: “Understanding that it is a project that communicates with the traditional financial market and, therefore, will help to accelerate the process of mass adoption of the crypto world ”, they say.

The team’s thesis is almost a coal in the sock of those who misbehaved this year. The team asks that 2022 serve as a lesson and that investors start looking for fundamentals instead of “meme coins”.

“If Crypto Noel delivers this to me next year, I’m already happy, as it will be an important step towards regaining the market’s confidence”, they conclude.

Speaking of EVE, one of the founders of DAO also made her Christmas list. Cíntia Ferreira comments that “in general I would ask Bull Market to come back with everything andm 2023″. “This is the great dream of Web3”.

For her NFT, the entrepreneur asked for her favorite WoW Super Rare – World of Women. “One of the most amazing projects I follow, it has purpose”, she comments.

Ferreira also asked for an Ether, and explained that it is the one he trusts the most at the moment. “May it hit US$ 4,000 again”, he jokes.

The chosen thesis is that NFT projects become increasingly solidified, and that the traditional financial market looks more to the Web3 and digital assets.

In this line, Orlando Telles, founding partner of Mecurius Crypto, says that he would choose the thesis of digitizing real-world assets. “I believe that would capture the most benefit for the crypto market,” he says.

The thesis that Telles most sees value in is the use of crypto in real-world assets. ‘That way it would stop being an innovation market and become a ‘mainstream’ market. For me this would be the big turning point for the crypto market”, he concludes.

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