These 34 Small Cryptocurrencies Could Create a New Generation of Millionaires From 2023

Big gains come mostly from small projects. It’s counterintuitive logic, but it proves true, whether in the stock market or cryptocurrenciesled by Bitcoin🇧🇷 At a time of highs, smaller companies or projects outperform the valuation of large market names to the point of leaving their investors millionaires starting from low contributions.

Last year, for example, while Petrobras (PETR4), one of the largest companies on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, rose by a mere 1%, the newcomer Méliuz (CASH3,) in just a few months delivered 634%, a multiplication 7 times greater.

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And this is not because one company is better than the other, but because the amount of money and effort for one company to double is infinitely smaller than compared to the other.

In the case of Petrobras, for the company to double in size, an immense financial volume of more than 300 billion reais (which is the company’s market value) would be required.

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In the case of Méliuz, ‘only’ 367 million reais were able to double the company. The stake is much smaller and well worth taking.

That’s why many investors rush to the so-called ‘microcaps’ when they want to see their money multiplied by two, three, four times in shorter periods of time.

The same logic applies to digital currencies, only on an even larger scale. In 2021, Bitcoin reached a market value that surpassed the 1 trillion dollar mark.

The ‘champion’ return cryptocurrency, Gala, which started the year with 7.88 million reais in market value, multiplied its value by 450 times in just 12 months.

It seems like a lie, but it really happened and it wasn’t just her. The ‘dwarf’ Sandbox cryptocurrency cost only 3 cents at the beginning of 2021 and, in the end, after appreciating 16,355%, it was worth 6 dollars.

Large appreciations mostly come from small assets

Perhaps the most exponent example has happened recently. On January 16, 2021, through the report ‘The Token that gives Game’, analysts at Empiricus Research decided to recommend the AXS cryptocurrency to its more than 100 thousand readers. At the time, AXS was still extremely small, unknown and worth just pennies. To be exact $0.50.

But movements in this market happen very quickly and, just a month later, on February 16, AXS had already quadrupled in value and started to be quoted at US$ 2.05.

It only took one more month for it to double again in March, to the point of being quoted at US$ 5.00, multiplying by 10 times the money of those who invested in it in the beginning.

Five months later, in July, the coin was worth US$24.00.

And, 10 months later, it was worth more than US$ 150. Do you know what this meant in the lives of those who followed the analysis house’s recommendation?

  • Those who invested only BRL 500 saw the amount become BRL 147,500;
  • Those who decided to go further and put BRL 1,000 in AXS reaped BRL 295,000; and
  • Anyone who invested R$ 4,000 became a millionaire.

And that wasn’t the only hit by the experts. The profitability of the portfolio as a whole has been a winner for years. Since October 2, 2017, the year of its creation, the analysis house’s cryptocurrency portfolio has delivered a 962% return, against X% of the Ibovespa and y% of bitcoin.

So that you have an idea, if profitability continues to grow at the same pace, investments of R$ 250 per month would be enough to become a millionaire.

This above-average profitability was only possible to capture because the specialists have this mix of already robust projects with market innovations that, when successful, add up to 30,000% returns to the portfolio.

Also, experts like to add small projects at propitious times so that valuations are even higher.

Now, for example, the group of experts believes that, from 2023, we will enter a window of opportunity similar to that of 2021, when the group indicated AXS to its followers.

Therefore, the analysis house decided to build a portfolio aimed at taking advantage of these possible profits.

They are calling this new project “1 Million with Cryptocurrencies 2023”. And they believe that whoever decides to invest little money in these cryptocurrencies can indeed become a millionaire.

On the 28th, the team will release access to this wallet throughout Brazil in a free online event. They are very anxious and excited about what could happen next year:

It is inevitable: if you act now, in December, investing in this list of cryptocurrencies that you will have access to, you will indeed have the chance to become a millionaire starting in 2023 – Empiricus Cripto

Taking proper care, the risk-return ratio is much higher

Of course, investing in small businesses is more risky than investing in solid, consolidated companies.

But those who know how to do it the right way, investing little money and diversifying their ‘bets’ in smaller projects, but with great growth potential, have that risk reduced while their chances of capturing truly unique and transformative returns only increase.

A great example of this is the cryptocurrency team at Empiricus Research’s own wallet. With relatively low contributions, of R$ 250 per month, it was already possible to conquer the million considering the current profitability of the portfolio.

Today we know that the house’s cryptocurrency portfolio is a success. But if you were to invest there in 2017, when it was created and still didn’t have a track record, the risk would be greater, do you agree?

Now, if you went little by little, with investments of R$ 250 per month, this risk would decrease and the bet would become very worthwhile.

After all, the risk here would be losing the BRL 250 made in contributions, which is fine, it would be boring, but it would not break you or bring serious financial problems in your life.

Now, if everything works out, as it did, that small and recurring contribution of R$ 250 over the months could become the fortune of a lifetime.

For example, if you had invested BRL 1,000 in AXS, you would have more than BRL 390,000 in the account at the top of the currency. That’s right, almost R$ 400 thousand reais.

In other words, if it went wrong, you would lose little money and if it went right, you would win a lot. Don’t you think it’s a smart investment to make? Even more so given the current situation which, in the opinion of the group of specialists, is ideal for investing in some small micro-currencies, but full of potential.

The time to invest in small cryptocurrencies is now

The team spends practically the whole day looking at important metrics in this market to try to find an interesting window of opportunity.

Recently they found data that makes them believe that investing in cryptocurrencies can now be an excellent choice.

This is an event within the cryptocurrency market that always takes place every 4 years and causes true supermultiplications.

It happened in 2012, 2015, 2019 and now, according to the chart below and market data, it could happen again in 2023.

Of course, past returns do not guarantee future returns. But the team is confident in this metric, because those who invested following it can capture true supermultiplications. From 2015 to 2017 Bitcoin rose by 8,000%. An absurd valuation.

But do you know what happened to the smaller coins in the same period? They rose, on average, 136,000%.

Source: CoinMarketcap; Elaboration: Empiricus; Period from 01/12/2015 to 12/11/2017

Do you know how much you would have to invest here to become a millionaire? 750 reais.

Yes I know. It’s even hard to believe, but if you had invested 750 reais in that list of coins, that amount would have become exactly R$ 1,025,437.

But this is an absurd example. Let me show you what happened next. From 2018 to 2021, while Bitcoin rose 1,755%… Smaller coins, again, rose, an average of 17,555% over the same period.

Source: CoinMarketcap; Elaboration: Empiricus; Period from 12/10/2018 to 11/08/2021

That’s on average. Again, how much would you need to have invested in these coins to become a millionaire? 6 thousand reais.

If you had invested 6 thousand reais in this list of currencies, you would end 2021 with R$ 1,059,360 in your account.

It was by following this market metric that the Empiricus cryptocurrency analysis team was able to identify excellent buying moments.

This list of ‘small’ cryptocurrencies can make a small amount become R$ 1 million from next year

Now, analysts believe we are entering a new favorable period for buying.

Therefore, they selected cryptocurrencies with similar potential to what AXS had in 2021. These are serious projects, with companies behind them that have employees working day and night to make the company work, just like you do in your current job.

None of them is a make-believe project that only has value because someone famous indicated it. It is with this mindset and with this portfolio that the team believes that new millionaires could be formed starting next year for those who invest in this group of cryptocurrencies.

They will release access to the list in a free and online event that takes place now, on Wednesday, the 28th.

It may seem strange to release access to an entire roster at an online event, but that’s what the expert group often does in moments of latent opportunity.

In April 2021, for example, they revealed and gave away a batch of AXS to anyone who saw the video of the event at the time.

Those who listened and invested today are certainly very happy with a lot of money in their pockets. Now, those who lost can have a second chance on the 28th.

To participate, simply register by clicking here or on any link in this article. The video in which access to the wallet will be released will air on the 28th.

You can become a millionaire if you invest in these coins as soon as possible – this is a real possibility

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