BMW collaborates with Coinweb and BNB Chain to add blockchain to daily operations

German car manufacturer BMW aims to add blockchain into its day-to-day operations and develop a blockchain loyalty program for its Thai customers through partnerships with Coinweb and BNB Chain, as reported by Cointelegraph.

According to Cointelegraph, blockchain’s integration into BMW’s workflow is expected to take place in two periods. Reportedly, the first phase will involve the decentralised technology’s addition into BMW’s daily operations, and the second phase will concern Coinweb’s development of a customised Web3.0 application for BMW’s customer loyalty program. 

On the basis of information by Cointelegraph, owners will be able to utilise their rewards for buying BMW-based goods and services, and also from a related ecosystem. It is believed that Binance’s native BNB Chain will be available for concluding transactions.  

“Customers will be rewarded with loyalty points and they will be able to spend within the ecosystem. Our hope is that there will be a future global rollout but currently our partnership is for Thailand,” Toby Gilbert, CEO, Coinweb, stated.

Moreover, Cointelegraph noted that Bjorn Antonsson, leasing head, BMW Thailand, stated that the firm has been actively surveying decentralised technology-based developments and its various use cases over the years. Antonsson expected that blockchain and daily operations’ integration would remove manual paperwork and contribute towards the company’s betterment. Furthermore, German carmaker Mercedes has utilised non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto coins as promotional techniques. 

(With insights from Cointelegraph)

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