Bitcoin (BTC) heads to 2023 with 65% devaluation; two cryptos outperformed over 85% in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) had the lowest price of the year on November 9, at $15,800, shortly after the FTX crisis (Image: Pixabay/IgorShubin)

For those who believed in an end-of-year rally, the Bitcoin (BTC) left something to be desired. THE cryptocurrency prepares to end 2022 with a devaluation of 65% since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin 2023 crypto
(Image: CoinMarketCap)

The main cryptocurrency on the market started the year at US$ 47,680 and ends 2022 at US$ 16,500. Bitcoin’s 2022 low was $15,800 on November 9 – shortly after the FTX crisis.

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Ether (ETH) is expected to spend the turn of the year 68% below when it started the year, at $3,769. The network’s native token Ethereum had its 2022 bottom on June 18, at $993, and will spend the turn of the year at $1,200.

Bitcoin 2023 crypto
(Image: CoinMarketCap)

Even in the Bear Market, these tokens rack up huge annual gains.

Two crypto assets stand out from the rest of this year’s crypto market bloodbath. The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) started 2022 at $0.72 and reached its yearly high on Dec. 11 at $2.6.

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Currently traded at US$1.42, TWT has gained 93.58% for the year.

The second that had a strong positive performance in 2022, was the GMX (GMX). The token has gained 89.2% since the beginning of the year and is currently trading at $41.82.

The token started the year trading at US$21.96, having returned to that level in March.

Then, in June, it turned negative. However, it reached its all-time high in December, at $58, and should end this year in the positive.

Bitcoin (BTC) Suffered, But Not As Much As These

Among those that suffered the most in the year is Terra Classic (LUNC), which after the collapse of the network lost 100% of its value. The native token started 2022 at $91, hit $116 in May and closes the year at $0.0001.

The Solana network, after so many attacks, also suffered in 2022. The network started the year at US$ 178 and ends at US$ 9.98. Its annual devaluation is 94%.

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