A Decentralized Education Project Called Thetryum Aims To Train Professionals For The Blockchain Market

The lack of skilled labor in the technology sector is already an old pain in this market. Since 2021, with the rise of companies and projects in blockchain, the gap between the number of vacancies and qualified professionals has skyrocketed. The offer of vacancies in the segment grew, last year, around 400%. The Association of Companies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Digital Technologies (Brasscom) estimates that 420,000 jobs should be created by 2024.

This abyss between vacancies and talents is intensified by the lack of adequate training to prepare young people quickly and efficiently. The perspective is that Brazil will take about ten years to train professionals that the sector will need in the next three years.

It was this need that led to the creation of Thetryum, a decentralized education company which offers an educational token with the purpose of building a network of courses on the Web3 focused on technology, finance and personal development.

According to Catarina Mouzelo, executive director of the project, the token will also serve as a means of payment for courses on the platform and, in the future, in partner institutions, which are already being negotiated. The project also provides for face-to-face courses, having face-to-face courses in Portugal and São Paulo, as well as a franchise network. “Thetryum was created due to the lack of qualified labor and the difficulty that adolescents have to enter this labor market. We focus on these three pillars, since we understand that, in this market, Knowing how to program is useless if you do not have a basic financial knowledge and, even less, if you do not have the emotional intelligence to deal with other people and with the volatility and pressures of this segment“, explains Mouzelo.

Based in Portugal, Thetryum emerged in March and foresees three fronts in its roadmap: a educational platform with bilingual courses on the Web3 and face-to-face (even free), with the possibility of scholarships in other countries; solutions: aiming to deliver skilled labor to the labor market; and services: with tokenization and specialized marketing for companies and institutions that will need to deploy Blockchain to adapt to this new reality.

On the educational front, the forecast is to have a beta version in the second quarter of 2023. The goal is to train professionals trained in programming, mainly solidity (a high-level, contract-oriented programming language with a synthesis similar to JavaScript) and pythonwhich is what any blockchain professional needs to work in this market”, comments the CEO.

The Multichain contract will initially launch on BSC with a supply of 150 million TTY tokens, which will have usability on the educational platform, where users can purchase courses from Thetryum or partner universities. The project also provides for the sale of NFTs, which will be like shares of the company.

Each shareholder will be able to hold the NFT for five years and receive a 20% share of the company’s profits, after which they will be able to repurchase the NFT”, explains Catarina Mouzelo.

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