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Despite the recent Bitcoin rally which has crossed the psychological threshold of $20,000 for the first time in more than two months, shooting above altitude $21.000, according to the research of Kaspersky as it stands, crypto investors remain skeptics. The queen of cryptocurrencies jumped by 26,4% from the low of the year tested last January 1st at altitude $16.496.

The new search for Kaspersky analyzed user trends in cryptocurrencies and found that almost half or the 48% from a sample of 12,000 people from 16 countries, fears losing money due to their volatility and no longer uses digital currencies. Also, the 10% of respondents have already lost money and stopped investing in the industry as a result.

The recent drop in the market in 2022 coupled with the continued malicious activities has caused lack of liquidity and investment uncertainty among cryptocurrency holders. These critical issues scare holders of digital currencies, prompting some to avoid investing or even leave the sector altogether. Trends like these are among the main factors thataccording to the latest research from Kaspersky, have led some crypto enthusiasts to stop using digital currencies.

Other barriers to adoption include the lack of concrete resources to support cryptocurrencies (14%) and the risk of revealing personal data during a cyberattack (6%). These results, supported by the fact that one in eight respondents no longer trust cryptocurrenciessuggest that stability and security are key issues for wider adoption.

Kaspersky, the long-term outlook remains positive

As far as user expectations are concerned, the picture is rather heterogeneous. In the area Asia-Pacificil 41% of respondents stated that their own waited they have been overcomewhile the 35% he stated that non they have been satisfied.
However, in Europawhere regrets about investing in cryptocurrencies have been more common, the 41% stated that their expectations were only partially met or not at all.
In the face of a 26% who declared that cryptocurrencies have met their expectations.

“Despite the challenges the cryptocurrency industry is facing, it is important to remember that it is still a relatively new and innovative space with huge potential. As with any emerging technology, there may be growth spurts and bumps but the long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies may still be rosy. By prioritizing security, cryptocurrency investors can minimize the risk of lose money or personal information and protect themselves from threats that depend on them,” has ccommentary Marc RiveroSenior Security Researcher, Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team.

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