Why ChatGPT makes some cryptocurrencies happy

For several weeks, artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. Difficult to miss… ChatGPT, above all, makes a lot of noise. This conversational artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI is capable of discussing with you, offering you ideas on such and such a subject, generating code or even cheating on your exam. Extremely powerful, ChatGPT shakes and shakes the tech world. So much so that Microsoft plans to invest 10 billion dollars in the company before it sees its capitalization explode even more.

Inevitably, everyone wants to take advantage of this wonder. The cryptocurrency world is not exempt and some players even rely on ChatGPT. But this enthusiasm for this artificial intelligence does not stop there. The success of ChatGPT is such that it has repercussions on the price of certain virtual currencies.

Tokens related to AI

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The second part of 2022 did not delight cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Indeed, between the descent into hell of FTX, the collapse of a major stablecoin or even the disinterest of NFTs, we are talking squarely about a crypto-crash. However, it seems that this enthusiasm for artificial intelligence could bring a little freshness…

Indeed, the considerable progress of artificial intelligence, as we can see with ChatGPT, is at the heart of the debates. With all these upheavals, AI is having an impact on the cryptocurrency market. Since the beginning of the month, nine tokens based on artificial intelligence have seen their price soar. And not just a little: there is an increase of 50% for a majority of them.

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Even more impressive, some of them are registering a 3-digit increase. Thus, the Image Generation AI token (ImgnAi), launched in October 2022, took more than 700% of its value in just a few days. For its part, saw its price increase by 600% in less than two weeks. And these are only two examples among many others since the explosion of ChatGPT.

While the crypto market is largely dominated by Bitcoin and Ether and is in full recovery after several complicated months, this disruption of AI-powered tokens is significant. Indeed, it could be a good indicator of what awaits the sector in the months to come. Still in its infancy, ChatGPT is positioning itself as a real revolution in the world as we know it. His overwhelming power and speed are amazing, and his impact never ceases to amaze us.

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